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Mission Statement
The Flin Flon Arts Council aims to increase and to diversify the opportunities for citizens of Flin Flon and surrounding district to enjoy and to participate in cultural activities.


  1. To communicate the importance and applicability of the arts
  2. To encourage the arts as an integral part of community life
  3. To encourage involvement and support of the arts
  4. To maintain liaison with pertinent arts groups for mutual benefit
  5. To act as a clearing house for information on cultural projects and activities
  6. To program functions according to the needs of the communities
  7. To bring to the attention of the Civic, Provincial and Federal authorities the cultural needs of the community

Board of Directors
President Susan Shairp
Vice President Elly Spencer
Secretary Linda Allen
Treasurer Gwen Barth
Past President Margie Gibson

Nora Fontaine
Beth Heine
Ken Pawlachuk
Susan Power
Jude McCombie
Sonia Goodman
George Major

Our Organizations
Organizations are under the Flin Flon Arts Council Umbrella.

  • Ham Sandwich Theatre
  • FFCC (Flin Flon Community Choir)
  • Images Art Gallery
  • Northern Palette Art Club
  • North Star Quilter’s Guild
  • Pottery Club
  • The NorVA CENTRE
  • The Central Canada Film Group

2013 - 2014

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